Do people really eat birds nests? Yes, they do. These are not the leaf and twig variety of birds nests, though. These birds nests are specially made by Bai Yan swiftlets or swallows to lay their eggs in. The nests are made from the saliva of these birds and contain large amounts of proteins and amino acids. For these edible birds nests, the birds make their nests in man-made shelters with controlled conditions. The nests are carefully cleaned by hand and washed with pure water, then dried under natural conditions. Traditional Chinese medical doctors believe that edible birds nests have many health benefits.

There are different grades of these birds nests and some are much better than others for safety and health benefits. It is better to order them online from websites such as where quality and safety are guaranteed. Online orders can be delivered to Singapore homes for customer convenience. Buying Birds Nest in Singapore can be complicated by the effort to find reputable birds nest sellers, then making sure their product is certified and tested for quality and safety. Buy Birds Nest from King of Nests Singapore who are a registered company in Singapore. They meet the standards of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore. It is important to purchase only birds nests that are 100% pure and natural.

People purchase edible birds nests for the many health benefits attributed to them. It is believed that these natural birds nests have proteins and amino acids that benefit the human body in many ways. The house nest variety of Bai Yan white birds nest is the most commonly used because they are cleaner and have fewer impurities. They are thought to have a smoother, softer texture. The health benefits attributed to these edible birds nests include immunity for pregnant and new mothers, improved blood pressure, increased energy, postponement of the signs of aging, improved skin, fighting colds, and more. This is considered on of the best tonic foods by those practicing traditional Chinese medicine.

Suppliers such as King of Nests sell edible birds nests that weigh from six to eleven grams each. They usually come packaged in multiples in baskets, plastic containers, or decorative jars. These edible nests can come from countries such as Thialand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. About 80% come from Indonesia because of superior quality. Edible birds nests are often given as a gift to loved ones, especially pregnant women and new mothers. For more information, please visit the website.